Stephen: Will Be Wrestling At SummerSlam

August 12, 2015
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Stephen Amell went to “W.W.E. Monday Night Raw” earlier this week and not only did he bring fans to their feet, he ended up signing on for one of the biggest matches of the year.

Which all started after Stardust instigated Amell to jump in the ring and handle business, he was chastised by W.W.E. Executive VP Triple H for jumping in the ring and not just watching, like he was supposed to do.

Triple H said he would deal with Stardust for instigating the fight between him and Amell.

Stephen’s Quotes:

Standing beside wrestler Neville (A.K.A. Red Arrow) – “Let us deal with Stardust.”

On The Incident – “I’m an actor, I’m also a man. If some guy is going to put his hands on me, I’m going to fight back,”

When and Where?

Stephen Amell and Neville will go up against King Barrett and Stardust on August 23rd at SummerSlam in New York City. So tune in!