stephen amell workout bodyHis workout changes all the time. He says he doesn’t do weights that often, he really enjoys running (in May, when he started preparing for Season 2, he started with 65 minutes run), and does a lot of body resistant stuff. His role requires for him to have a really strong back, that’s why Stephen does many pull-ups.

A movement prep plan that includes self-myofascial release and active stretching should be preformed prior to each day’s training program. Each training day should be followed by one or two days pf active recovery. These can be dedicated to specific skill development, such as jiu jitsu, archery, parkour, etc.

Bellow, you have an example of some exercises Stephen does.


Workout A (Chest/Triceps/Abs)
4 sets of Incline dumbbell press of 6-8 reps
4 sets of Flat bench press of 10-12 reps
3 sets of weighted dips of 8-10 reps
4 sets of tricep rope extension of 10-12 reps
3 sets of hanging leg raises of 10 reps

Workout B (Legs/Calves)
4 sets of rack pulls of 5 rps
4 sets of dumbbell Bulgarian
3 sets of Weighted hyper extension of 8-10 reps
5 sets of Calf raise (any variation) of 12 reps

Workout C (Back/ Biceps/ Abs)
4 sets of Weighted chin ups of 6-8 reps
4 sets of Barbell row of 6-8 reps
3 sets of Barbell curls of 8-10 reps
3 sets of Hammer curls of 8-10 reps
3 sets of Hanging leg raises of 10 reps

Or you can try…

Day 1
1 x 3 each side (E) reps Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups
3 x 20 reps Lateral Box Jumps
3 x 6E reps Bulgarian Split Squats
3 x 6E reps Sigle Arm Dumbell
Chest Preses
3 x repetitions to failure (F) Suspension Rows
3 x 6 reps Standing Dumbell
Lateral Raises
3 x 6E reps Single Ar, Lat Pulldowns
3 x F Hanging leg Raises

Day 2
2 x 6E reps Pallof Presses
3 x 6 reps Push Presses (Split Stance)
3 x 6E reps Single Leg Dumbell Deadlifts
3 x 6 reps Standing Cable Chest Flys
3 x 6 reps Barbell Rows
3 x F Handstand Pushups
3 x F Pull Ups
3 x F Russian Twist

Day 3
2 x 6 reps Half-Kneeling Cable Chops
2 x 30E reps Kettlebell Snatch
3 x 6 reps Barbell Squats
3 x F Pushups
3 x 6E reps Bent Over Dumbell Shoulder
3 x 6 reps Standing Cable Rows
3 x F V-Sits

Helps yourself with Youtube to see how to correctly do a certain exercise.

Stephen’s diet forbids him to eat sugar, diary and gluten. He says it allows you to keep a more regimented diet.

For more tips from Stephen Amell himself watch this interview.